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      Effective Anchor Mattress Cleaning Solutions

      Many diseases can invade your body if you use a dirty mattress. It is essential to book the mattress cleaning services Sheldon for obtaining a clean space for sleeping. The choice of the cleaning products matters a lot. Our professionals invest their time to study different products and apply the best of them to your mattresses for getting perfect outcomes. The mattress cleaning service portfolio includes mattress mould removal, mattress stain removal, mattress dust-mite treatment, mattress steam cleaning and mattress sanitizing.

      Everyone should book the mattress professional cleaning services after 4-5 months. But, people hesitate in doing so because of the higher prices that other companies ask. To help everyone, our company has set the prices in a budget-friendly range. You can request our team and get a free quotation for the service.

      We have hired a team that excels in providing mattress cleaning services. They know the side effects and benefits of all the products and processes. They protect the health of the clients by applying safe products and never destroy the mattress by harsh scrubbing. If you have shown your trust in us, we will give our best to bring the results. Whenever you feel the need to book a service, choose Anchor Mattress Cleaning without hesitation.

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        why choose us

        Why Anchor Mattress Cleaning is a Perfect Option for You?

        • Book all types of mattress cleaning solutions from one platform.
        • High-quality results are delivered by our trained staff.
        • You can speak with our customer support team at any time or on any day.
        • Our product selection is done by keeping the allergy sufferers in mind.
        • 100% client satisfaction is our aim.
        • You will see guaranteed results after a one-time treatment.
        • Both commercial and residential property owners can contact us for bookings.

        Benefits of Mattress Cleaning Service

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          Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt particles.

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          Stains don’t become permanent when professionals are hired to clean the mattress.

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          The bedroom looks fresh and tidy when the mattress remains clean.

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          Booking the service lets you enjoy some spare time.

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          By booking the services, you can get rid of the expenses of purchasing the cleaning machines.

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          The life of the mattress increases significantly when the mattresses are cleaned frequently.

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        ............HOW WE WORK............

        Process Followed by Anchor Mattress Cleaning

        To get the best results, it is essential to follow a particular pattern. Our team has prepared a plan that makes it easy for the team to work on different types of mattresses.

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        Choosing standard products and techniques for all mattresses can be a bad idea. That’s why the specialists check the mattress on different parameters and make a suitable plan.

        Mattress Cleaning

        Before the application of advanced cleaning products, basic level cleaning is required. A vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dust particles and other kinds of trash from the mattress.

        Cleaning Treatment

        Different procedures are needed to deal with different problems. Mattress dust-mite treatment is required for killing dust mites. Similarly, the mould removal process is required to eradicate the fungus.

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        Sanitizing and Odour Removal

        The build-up of bacteria and other germs can be handled by sanitisation. The technicians clean the mattress with a sanitiser and also remove the odour with tested deodorants.


        To ensure dryness of the mattress, the expert open the windows or switch on the fans. Apart from these things, dehumidifiers and dryers are used.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Various diseases, allergies and infections can spread due to a dirty mattress. The dust mite, mould and bacteria in the mattress are hazardous to the health.

        A wet cloth is not going to solve the problem of pet stains. These stains have harmful chemicals and can cause infections.

        Yes, our team is trained and has enormous experience in mattress cleaning.

        Yes, the mattress cleaning expert at Anchor Mattress Cleaning can clean latex mattresses easily. We can clean almost all sorts of mattresses including innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, queen-size mattresses, etc.

        Our skilled team uses the best modern technology machines to execute different processes.

        How Professional Cleaning is done?

        Step 1: Examination: All sides of the mattresses are checked by the mattress cleaning expert.

        Step 2: Vacuuming: In this basic cleaning is completed with a vacuum cleaner.

        Step 3: Stain Removal: The stains are treated with spot removal solutions.

        Step 4: Cleaning Process: Customised or relevant treatment is done to remove the problem.

        Step 5: Sanitisation: Disinfectants are sprayed to eradicate the bacteria and other microorganisms.

        Step 6: Drying: The moisture is completely removed so that fungus and odour do not come back.

        Importance of Mattress Cleaners Sheldon

        If you feel that cleaning a mattress is as easy as writing ABC, then you are making a mistake! Dealing with bacteria, fungus and mites may not be an easy task. We have listed the benefits that you get by hiring a professional.

        1. Trained people have knowledge of all the procedures that are meant for cleaning the mattresses. They can use the machine and handle products better than untrained professionals.

        2. Experts know the details of different kinds of chemicals. They can choose an ideal product after examining the mattress and understanding the health condition of the client.

        3. Some procedures or products are not suitable for some kinds of mattresses. The experts know what is right and what is wrong for the mattress. Right from huge mattresses to small ones, we are capable of cleaning them all with the best products.

        4. They are able to deep clean the mattress without making it too wet or messy.

        5. The specialists educate the clients with some effective ways of keeping the mattress clean for a long duration. The tips help the clients to maintain cleanliness without facing difficulties.

        Now that you are aware of the importance of cleaners, don’t waste time experimenting with DIY methods.

        Contact Us for Emergency Bookings

        If you need the mattress neat and clean within a few hours, feel free to contact Anchor Mattress Cleaning. Right from mattress steam cleaning to mattress mould removal, all the services will be provided at attractive prices. To book the service, just fill in the basic details asked on the form given on the website and submit. We will call you back and give you further details. If you have doubts or concerns, directly call us.

        Different Solutions at Affordable Rates

        It is harmful to a person to use a dirty mattress for sleeping. A variety of problems like dust mites, fungus, and stains collect in the mattress almost daily and make it too unhygienic. Mattress cleaning services Sheldon are required to disinfect and clean the mattress. Given below is the list of services offered by Anchor Mattress Cleaning.

        1. Steam Cleaning

        Are you suffering from skin allergies and can’t withstand the harshness of detergents? Choose the steam cleaning facility from our company and get a neat and clean mattress within no time. Boiled water produces steam. The heat of the water vapours is beneficial in removing the dirt, stains and even the microbes. Overall, it is a natural method that is suitable for all.

        2. Mould Removal

        Moisture and darkness initiate the growth of fungus in a mattress. It is essential to get rid of mould due to its capability of spreading in a wide area at a fast pace. The mould not only destroys the body of the mattress but also spreads infection. Experts in our team use the perfect anti-fungal products to control the fungus.

        3. Elimination of Dust Mites

        When you ignore vacuuming for a long time, the dust particles increase in the mattress. This leads to an increase in dust mites. It is difficult to exterminate the dust mites as they are microscopic. You need help from experts to get protection from the mites. At Anchor Mattress Cleaning, the specialists choose the most suitable products to kill the dust mites.

        4. Mattress Stain Removal

        The look of the mattress gets spoiled due to a number of stains. Spots of urine, beverages, blood, mould and other things can be hard to remove. DIY hacks are also not very effective on all kinds of stains. If you are worried because of stains, just contact us and get a solution in form of our stain removal service. The services offered by our company are reasonably priced and you will not be disappointed after looking at the final results.

        5. Sanitising

        Our trained team knows all kinds of techniques that are useful in germ removal. Many allergies and infections arise when bacteria and viruses find their way to your mattress. Disinfection of the mattress is vital to prevent the conversion of mild allergy into a serious health condition. The mattress cleaning expert executes the work in a professional manner. No object is harmed during the process and safe ingredients are used to clean the mattress.

        What is Better: DIY Hacks or Mattress Professional Cleaning?

        By looking at the trending DIY methods, people often make a mistake to trust these methods for serious problems. Only light and harmless stains can be treated with simple ingredients. For bigger and harmful issues, you need to take help from an experienced person. Proper procedures and safe products are required to deal with specific problems. The professionals provide a solution for the long term and save you from the hassles of scrubbing and purchasing new cleaning essentials.

        Commercial Cleaning Services

        People have become more aware of the negative impacts of germs and dirty mattresses. They prioritise cleanliness before choosing a hospital or hotel. We at Anchor Mattress Cleaning offer services for both commercial places and houses. Booking our services will be less costly to your business. You will not have to hire an in-house team or buy expensive machines. Just call us and get the advantage of amazing services.

        What do Our Services Include?

        • Removal of dirt particles and dust particles
        • Elimination of dust mites and mould
        • Anti-allergen treatment
        • Pet urine stain removal
        • Mould stain removal
        • Steam cleaning
        • Deodorisation
        • Mattress sanitizing

        Top Tips to Maintain Mattress Cleanliness

        • Buy a good-quality vacuum cleaner that has advanced filters. It prevents the compilation of dust particles.
        • Dehumidifier can prove to be an amazing machine. It reduces the moisture suspended in the air.
        • Wash the beddings regularly preferably with hot water.
        • Sunlight is a natural killer of bacteria and germs. So, do keep the mattresses out in the sun for some time.
        • Food particles and beverages should not fall on the mattress.
        • Keep your furry friends away from the bed. The dander, dirty paws and urine stains contaminate the mattress.
        • If you can’t take care of the mattress due to lack of time, just book the service for maximising the comfort and reducing the impurities in the mattress.
        • Non-allergen beddings can be supportive in preventing allergies.

        Certified Mattress Cleaners for Your Help!

        If your guests are arriving tonight or you are unhappy with the unhygienic condition of the bedroom, our services can be booked at any time. With a wide range of solutions, our priority is to provide a clean environment to our clients. Once our team starts working, you will not have to worry about anything. The specialist in our team will update you about the process and will also resolve your queries. You don’t even have to worry about the last-minute bookings as we have been providing emergency bookings to our clients.

        Schedule the mattress cleaning service as soon as possible because a dirty mattress can impact your health. To can click on book now to schedule the appointment or you can contact us for a detailed conversation with our customer care executive.

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