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Anchor Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast answers why it is necessary to vacuum your mattress!

How Often Do You Vacuum Your Mattress?

Vacuuming your mattress every three to six months is recommended by Anchor Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast, although other reports suggest vacuuming your mattress once a month. If someone in your household suffers from allergies, you can need to clean more often to keep pollen and other allergens at bay. Render mattress vacuuming a part of your seasonal cleaning at the very least. After vacuuming, provide time for your mattress to dry before throwing on your bedding to cover up any spills or marks. It can save you from expensive services like Mould removal and Mattress Mould Removal.

As part of the daily mattress cleaning, wash your bed in addition to vacuuming it. Avoid using bleach and use a clean, antibacterial mist. Bleach is too toxic for most mattress fabrics. The aim is to clean the mattress’s surface without getting it damp, as moisture can cause mould or mildew. Spray gently over the surface of the mattress with disinfectant sprays, then scrub with a clean cloth soaked in warm water and wrung out. Allow plenty of time for your mattress to dry.

Guidelines for Vacuuming Mattresses

A frequent mattress vacuuming routine is essential for controlling and eliminating dust mites, preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria, and removing all other contaminants. Although you can complete this cleaning task on your own, you might want to hire a specialist cleaning service that specializes in health-related cleaning. Anchor Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast provides excellent Mould removal and Mattress Mould Removal services. We are very well known for our services for Mould removal and Mattress Mould Removal.

Vacuum the bed frame, baseboard, carpeting around the bed, and upholstered furniture nearby while you’re at it.

For full suction, make sure your vacuum’s hoses and whole vacuuming path are clear of obstructions and safely attached. You want to get rid of as much dust and pollutants as possible.

When you’ve done vacuuming, use a suitable cleaner to spot cure any stains. Many body fluids may be removed with a furniture upholstery cleaner or an enzyme-based odour remover.

Using the upholstery plug on your vacuum cleaner, vacuum the whole mattress floor. For seams and crevices where ashes, dead skin, and other icky things accumulate, use your vacuum’s crevice extension.

Vacuum thoroughly beneath your mattress as well. Some of us don’t do this even once in a lifetime, let alone twice a month!

Discard the contents of bagless vacuum cleaners into a plastic bag and seal it. To remove any residual bacteria and other toxins, thoroughly wash the removable container and any filters in hot, soapy water.

However, if this gets too much you can always contact Anchor Mattress Cleaning Gold Coast for any of our mattress cleaning services. We are well known for our Mould removal and Mattress Mould Removal facilities.

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