Protect Your Mattress From Mould There Are Certain Tips That Must Follow At Home

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Tips to follow if you don’t want to pay for expensive Mould Removal, Mattress Mould Removal Gold Coast services!

1. Change out your old mattress! An old mattress has been through a lot and has also come into contact with various chemicals. Mould has most likely grown, or is more likely to grow if your mattress is over ten years old.

2. Avoid memory foam mattresses. They are not just very hazardous, but they can also have mould problems right out of the plant. They are the most airtight mattress on the market, and mattress mould can be prevented by allowing air to circulate.

3. Maintain enough ventilation on the mattress’s underside. Invest in a slatted bed base instead of a sheet or box spring. Unlike regular flat top bases, the air can circulate naturally on the underside of the mattress since the slats are spread apart.

4. Cover the mattress with a breathable mattress cover. It not only adds another layer of protection from moisture getting onto your bed, but it also prevents the pretty gross things from coming into contact with your skin. This will save you from contacting companies for Mould Removal services.

5. If at all necessary, avoid placing your mattress near a window. If you do, make sure the window isn’t leaking, that it’s properly covered with mould-resistant caulk, and that it doesn’t get condensation.

6. Open the windows to let the sun in! Mould can only live and replicate in a moist, dark setting. Allow the light to reach your mattress by opening the curtains.

7. Don’t add moisture to your bed on purpose. Often dry your hair before laying whether you’ve just gotten out of the shower or the pool.

8. Remove any wet towels or garments from the mattress.

9. Clean up leaks as soon as possible.

10 Wash your bedsheets once a week, or more often if you’re a night sweater.

11. Opt for sheets made entirely of organic cotton. These sheets breathe, preventing moisture from accumulating in your bunk. There are a few of my favourites.

12. Allow the mattress to breathe now and then. It’s best if you set it up standing up, with no bedding. Some people take their mattresses outside and get some heat, but there are so many different kinds of mould outside that this seems reckless.

13. Maintain ventilation even though you’re not there. Mildew will grow in your mattress if the air in your room is stagnant. Circulation can be greatly improved by using fans and air conditioning. Additionally, continue to keep the door to your bedroom open.

14. If you have a bathroom in your bedroom, make sure you follow mould control guidelines there.

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